Patient Flow

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Challenge the status quo by providing just-in-time imaging needed by patients and referring physicians while maximizing your time, resources, and bottom line

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Challenges for 

diagnostic imaging centers 

in 2021


Proposed reduction in reimbursement rates


Increase in healthcare wages over the last 10 years.


Average appointment wait time for advanced imaging


Lost appointment slots daily due to no-show, last-minute cancellations and reschedules 

Shrinking Margins

Uncontrollable factors

causing margin pressures

Operational efficiency

Controllable factors

that alleviate margin pressures  

We live in a fast-paced, technology-focused world. In healthcare, it seems like time moves even faster and the technology sometimes complicates more than it helps. Your time in an office is spent managing your patient load, handling paperwork, working with insurance, and keeping any and all compliance laws. There’s hardly enough time in the day to function as a business, let alone to give your patients the attention and care they deserve

With Gravity, you have the power to change everything.


Leave your schedule full

and phone silent

Automatically handles call center calls & Accelerates your booking



Paperwork & waiting room, gone!

Automatically handles pre-registration, and screening while ensuring the health & safety of patients & staff.

Image and brief problem statement

Image and brief problem statement


Unused slots?

Now a thing of the past

Automatically fill no-show slots & Accelerate your patient flow


Prior Auth is now our problem

Automatically handles prior auth & Accelerate your patient backlog

Image and brief problem statement

A question that makes them realize the problem


Data. Insight. Action.

Helps you navigate, while you accelerate.

See how Gravity can help you

Automate and Accelerate

Your patient journey