Let Artificial Intelligence deliver a real-time snapshot of your practice operations

Improve Patient Experience and increase Patient Throughput.

Our Real-Time Location Service Will Help You

Transform Your Clinic

Create positive reviews

Reduce negative patient experience

Increase staff productivity

Ramp up revenue

Avert workflow bottlenecks & downtimes

Reduce wait times

Know delays in appointments

Improve patient flow

Adjust resources in real-time

Quickly locate providers and staff 

With No extra work, No extra keystrokes, No extra staff!

Why does it matter?

  • 96% of negative reviews are due to customer service, and NOT the care received  *

  • The reality of receiving care is very different from the consumer’s expectation

* Reference Website: Vanguard Communications online survey of patient reviews

  • Patients listed long wait times, poor communication, scheduling and rude staff as the top reasons for negative reviews

  • Patients expect high levels of customer service, and instant consumer gratification in healthcare, just like they receive in restaurants, retail and online

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  • The reality of receiving care is very different from the consumer’s expectation

With Gravity, your practice runs at maximum efficiency


 Real-time visuals of resource utilization and productivity

 Actionable insights into where and how to improve

 No disruption to physical or staff workflow


Gravity maximizes practice operations

Taking blood pressue

Reduce patient wait times with the power to align exam room and provider availability in real-time. Improve quality by instantly reacting to wait times and bottlenecks, before they become a problem. Reduce amount of work your staff does to provide the patient experience you want.


Take action instantly on gaps in patient flow. Daily actionable insights identify maximum efficiency targets and gaps in patient flow. Now you can reach maximum efficiency targets.


Ensure timely acknowledgement and interaction with patients from the moment they walk-in. Instantly locate other staff and providers, and eliminate wasted time searching for other staff.


Know exact, not estimated, procedure times, to accurately schedule patients

  • Automatically schedule patients into available appointment slots

  • Eliminate wasted time searching for next available appointment

  • Notify patients of delays well ahead of their scheduled appointments


Collect highly precise data on workflow: analyze time spent by patients, physicians and staff across the practice. Easily analyze datasets and visualize historic wait times, productivity and bottlenecks.

About Us

We are Alpha Nodus, developers of the Gravity platform. We are technology industry leaders, mathematicians, six sigma black belts, data scientists, Ph. D's in operations research and machine learning, top engineering talent and healthcare executives who are also husbands, wives, and caregivers. 

Based on the CEO’s personal healthcare experience with his father, Alpha Nodus was formed to enable just-in-time care.  We asked ourselves, “Why are we waiting for so long in physician offices? Why can’t physicians’ offices adopt workflow efficiencies that other industries have long practiced, while still serving the best interests of their patients?”


The Alpha Nodus team have dedicated their life’s work to achieving a lofty vision: for every provider to bring the wait time down to zero so a patient can see the doctor immediately when necessary.

The Gravity platform - here to create a better way. It is a better way to run the office, schedule patients, and streamline workflow. It’s a better way to substantially reduce patient wait times and increase patient satisfaction while improving the delivery of quality healthcare and generating more revenue.


Gravity gets to another issue – healthcare consumerism. We know as patients, we have a voice - and a choice - of where to receive our healthcare. Our reviews, both online and word-of-mouth to friends and family, directly impact our physicians’ business and the long-term competitiveness of the healthcare facilities we use. Gravity addresses those two very real issues for physicians and healthcare systems; the Platform improves operations to prevent patient volume loss, improves patient satisfaction and prevents bad online reviews that can live forever.


Leadership & Advisory

Shamit Patel

 A Patient, An Engineer,

Chief Executive Officer

15 years in wireless startup experience. Exits with acquisitions by Intel, Qualcomm & Alereon. Founding Chair of Ecosystem for IoT Standard Open Connectivity Foundation. Scaled products to 100M+ users.

Dr. Raj Ambay

A Doctor, A Practice Owner,

Chief Medical Officer

Practicing for 19 years. Double Board certified plastic surgeon, Colonel and Trauma Surgeon for the U.S. Special Forces. Start-up software company exit in 1989.

Dr. Piyush Goel

A Patient, A Data Scientist,
Chief Technology Officer

15 years in statistical modeling and data science, building data-driven models and AI solutions. Developed machine learning models in revenue optimization, forecasting, and risk modeling for several Fortune 500 companies.


Product Team


Prasanna S.

Product Manager


Kristy Roelofs

Marketing Manager


Ankit Trivedi

Embedded Engineer


David Stratton

Account Manager


Jowin Sam Z.

Technical Architect


Arpit Jain

Data Analyst


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Office Locations

US Headquarters

Alpha Nodus, Inc.
9442 N. Capital of Texas Hwy

5th Floor,

Austin, TX 78759

India Corporate Office

AlphaNodus Tech Pvt Ltd.

104, 4th Floor, 17th C Main,

Koramangala - 5th Block, Bengaluru, India – 560034

India Development Center

AlphaNodus Tech Pvt Ltd,

#248, K.Kamaraj Road,

Sivan Chetti Gardens,

Bengaluru, India – 560042



We are always looking for the right talent. If you think you would be a good fit for the Gravity team, share your profile by clicking the link, and don’t forget to include a comment telling us why you are interested in working with us.

University Research

We support University Research through direct research costs only. Direct research costs include, but are not limited to: salaries of faculty conducting the research, requisite fringe benefits, student support, tuition waivers, supplies, and travel. Alpha Nodus funds cannot be used to pay indirect costs.