Delivering Care

Safely & Efficiently

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Reduce fear of infection from close proximity of waiting rooms. Automates the entire check in workflow: appointment reminder, confirmation, cancellation, reschedule if needed. Patients get in and out without any wait, increasing satisfaction on surveys

Ensure Health & Safety

of your staff & patients

Restabilize your business. Configured and deployable in less than 1 hour. Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing automate all manual patient interactions during the patient workflow. Gravity Flow increases patient volume by automating COVID-related workflow

Recuperate profits lost from 2 months of quarantine

Free up your staff. Any patient paperwork, including COVID19 can be digitized. Automate any repetitive routine and staff handles only the rare exception. Can be configured to integrate with your electronic medical record software or run standalone

Plug in automation.

Operational in hours.


Automate your workflow

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Appointment Confirmation

The patient confirms one day before their appointment

COVID Screening

The patient completes paperwork and COVID screening before coming to the clinic

Virtual Waiting room

The patients automatically get checked-in upon arrival while they wait in their vehicle and are notified when the room is ready

Experience Survey

The patient completes satisfaction survey immediately after their exam

Gravity Zero automates your workflow enabling your patients to safely social distance themselves in their vehicle instead of a crowded waiting room, and automatically be notified on their mobile phone when the exam room is disinfected and ready for them. 

Zero - Wait for your patients

Zero - Additional workload for your staff

Zero - Cost to you with Gravity Flow*

* We have unbundled the Gravity Zero service due to the pandemic which can be purchased as a standalone service. Gravity Zero is part of the Gravity Automation Suite including the flagship Gravity Flow with optional enhancements including Gravity Kiosk, Gravity Analytics and Gravity Professional Services. Gravity Zero is free with Gravity Flow.

Gravity is trusted by

Gravity Zero helps us, no doubt. Patients love and EXPECT the automation.

We’re not manually calling patients anymore and they get automatically notified when they’re safely in our parking lot.

We can’t live without it now.

Astrid Sanchez, CPPM

Director of Operations

360 Dermatology, Tampa FL.